Effects: Happy, energetic, euphoric, creative

May Relieve: Stress, pain, depression

Every smoke session could be considered a birthday gift because this definitely a strain just keeps on giving.

This social setting strain is popular among groups of smokers as everything appears to be a lot funnier than usual. It creates the perfect segway into first introductions and places or in larger crowds because of its optimistic effects. Most consumers will find themselves attracted to the given name and find that its worthy enough to put on a list of strain favorites. It’s easy to believe that Cake Frosting is a small-time cannabis strain but don’t let the name fool you because this herb has all the works. Cake Frosting is known for its appetizing sweet flavor and aroma, genetics and best of all for its advantages, which we’ll now jump right into.

What Exactly is the Cake Frosting Marijuana Strain?

Also known as Birthday Cake OG or Birthday Cake, Cake Frosting is a cannabis strain that is appreciated for its classic genetics. Combined with the likes of the infamous Girl Scout Cookies and the Cherry Pie strain, Cake Frosting is easily represented well. It is a well-balanced hybrid with a distinctive terpene and cannabinoid structure making it an ideal strain for any consumer. The THC concentration level can be measured at a whopping 25%, which is utterly impressive. Its parent Cherry Pie as an individual strain has the tendency to linger, causing the high to last for hours.

This is an exciting feature as part of Cake Frosting for many smokers because usually the longer the high, the more there is to enjoy about the cannabis strain. The combining of the cannabis communities’ very own popular Girl Scout Cookies makes this strain that much more favored. Many veteran smokers know that any strain composed with Girl Scout Cookies is a winner.

Cake Frosting: Appearance, Flavor, and Aroma 

Visually, Cake Frosting fulfills its birth name with pillowy frost-coated nugs in close-knit clusters. Deep brown-orange pistils wrap in and out of each nug, hugging all corners, giving the cannabis strain a celestial look. Buds are dense and large in size, which many veteran smokers are very fond of. Flavor profiles of the cannabis strain truly match the appearance of Cake Frosting in terms of potency. Caked in trichomes, this strain is true champ in the flavor department with profound hints of sweet dough-like aromas.

The assumption that Cake Frosting imitates the flavors like that of tasty pastries and treats is fairly accurate when inhaled. Smokers’ taste buds are sure to experience a confectionary explosion if not a nice sugar rush.

Cake Frosting Effects

Smokers that are game for a full-body relaxation need not look any further. Cake Frosting has been found to induce a tempered body high along with an energetic mix. THC levels of Cake Frosting regularly test in the mid-’20s, so novice smokers need to use their discretion as tolerance can vary per user. Increased philosophical and fun conversation allows the cannabis strain to essentially transforms the smoker of this herb into a true social butterfly.

Euphoria is a sensation that can be achieved not only through Cake Frosting but its effects are long lasting unlike most moments of euphoria which seem so short-lived in other strains. Creativity is another key effect in this strain, causing the imagination to wonder to new heights. Cake Frosting is simply the cannabis worlds’ crowd pleaser causing loads of happy and animated moments.

Medical Advantages of Cake Frosting

For many smokers, battling certain medical conditions can seem daunting and known to cause a sense of uncertainty in finding a working solution. All jokes aside, Cake Frosting has many solid benefits that may go unseen at first without much further in-depth information on the strain. Depression is a battle that has been known to easily be combated by smoking the herb Cake Frosting since the strain has been said to intensify feelings of optimism, triggering an upbeat attitude and a desire to illuminate those happy sensations. It is a loyal strain in evicting pain and stress from the body where otherwise, can possibly continue to spread with no real relief.

Cake Frosting targets those painful areas and annihilates them while leaving the body in a euphoric state-so much that a smoker of the strain would not even realize there was pain present in the first place.

Possible Side Effects

Side effects such as dizziness and paranoia can easily be averted by not overusing this potent strain. Smokers who are privy to Cake Frosting and personal tolerance levels are able to control these minimal side effects. Without knowledge of individual tolerance for a cannabis strains as this, first time smokers will have no problem in safely troubleshooting effects. It is important to note that for every introduction to a strain, a veteran smokers has overcome those very effects making it possible to conquer the harmless aftermath of smoking Cake Frosting.

Final Thoughts 

With all the amazing effects that this strain contains, it’s remarkable that there are so many other great characteristics to Cake Frosting such as the medical advantages that come with it. This bud is a staple strain that should not be overlooked given its above average potency and legendary genetic makeup. The fact that the strain is usable during the day and night shows its versatility for all smokers at any desired time of day. Cake Frosting can soothe medical and mental concerns while smokers are also capable of making optimal use of the strain in other beneficial ways. By now, Cake Frosting has built a name and much credibility worthy of keeping in the books as being one of the most supreme offspring of Girl Scout Cookies


1 Ounce, 1/8 Pound, 1/4 Pound, 1/2 Pound, 1 Pound


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